Satin Edge 4" Eyebrow Scissor

Satin Edge
VO-222991   SE-2081
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Satin Edge 4" Eyebrow Scissor. Looking for the perfect tool to achieve the perfectly groomed eyebrows that your clients desire? Look no further than the Satin Edge 4" Eyebrow Scissor. With its precisely designed blade length, this scissor makes it easy to trim eyebrows with ease and accuracy. The large finger holes allow for optimal control, ensuring that your trimming is precise and your clients are left with the perfect shape.

Crafted with a straight blade, this eyebrow scissor is ideal for precise cutting and trimming, allowing you to create a clean and polished look for your clients. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the beauty industry, the Satin Edge 4" Eyebrow Scissor is a must-have tool for achieving stunning and flawless eyebrows.

Invest in the Satin Edge 4" Eyebrow Scissor today and take your eyebrow trimming game to the next level. Your clients will thank you for the perfect brows they never knew they needed!


  • Perfect blade length for trimming eyebrows
  • Large finger holes for control
  • Straight blade