Satin Smooth DermaRadiance Filter / White / Medium

VU-304303   SAT106
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Satin Smooth DermaRadiance Filter / White / Medium. The White Filter helps vacuum Pure Flower Grains during a DermaRadiance service. The grains are lifted from the skin via vacuum suction through the black tube; the grains are then disbursed into the empty jar. To keep the suction at an optimal level, the discard jar should never have grains touching the white filter. Always discard used grains when jar is less than half full. The white filter should also be rotated and cleaned regularly, and should be replaced every 30 to 35 treatments to prevent clogging. DermaRadiance is a clean service, leaving no grains remaining on the skin. Clients can walk out of the spa/salon with no downtime.


  • Screws on inside plastic jar
  • Filter is used to trap dirt, oil and keep motor clean
  • Need to be changed after 30-35 flower grain treatments