Scalpmaster 7" Nano Cutting Comb

VO-223105   SC-NANO4
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Scalpmaster 7" Nano Cutting Comb. Looking for a high-quality, reliable cutting comb that will help you achieve flawless, germ-free styling every time? Look no further than the Scalpmaster 7" Nano Cutting Comb. Made from chemical-resistant plastic, this comb is designed to eliminate bacteria and ensure a safe, sanitary styling experience for both you and your clients. With its innovative nano technology, this comb is also able to provide superior precision and control, making it a must-have tool for any professional in the beauty industry. So why wait? Upgrade your styling game today with the Scalpmaster 7" Nano Cutting Comb!


  • Eliminates bacteria from combs for germ-free styling
  • made of chemical resistant plastic