Seated Massage Technique Ceu/2nd Ed 14 CEU Class

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Seated Massage Technique Ceu/2nd Ed 14 CEU Class. CEU - Seated Massage This is the 2nd Edition of the Seated Massage Technique video. It is used by some schools for continuing education (14 CEUs). The course includes a video, manual, and test. This is like having a private tutorial in seated massage work from Raymond Blaylock! The skills presented are applicable to all massage chairs. The video presents a complete system for the head, neck, arms and back, innovative systems for stress relief, positive positioning of client in chair, and the use of aromatherapy with the system. In addition, you will learn proper body mechanics so that you can do 20-30 seated massages a day without hurting yourself!

The video has 2 parts. The first takes you through the system step by step, giving you the correct body position for you as a therapist, then showing you hand position and hand movement for each step. The models are wearing a bodysuit with the muscles and bones painted on them making it easy to follow and locate the appropriate anatomical location of each step. After you have gone through the system step by step, most think "There is no way I can do all of this in 15 minutes!" So, the second part is a practice session that will take you through the system in just 12 minutes!

Marketed as a technique video, there is so much more information than just technique! Marketing tips, language to use with the seated approach to bodywork, how to get maximum results with minimum effort to mention some of the material contained in this top-selling video. Additionally, the video contains a study guide and muscle schematic to help with retention of the material. 78 minutes

As stated succinctly and directly at the beginning of the video, the copyright protection of this video prevents its sale to colleges or people who work at colleges. Please note: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas do no accept any home study courses for license renewal purposes. Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Washington limit the number of home study hours that will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding your state's requirements for certification and continuing education please contact your state board for verification.