Soft 'N Style Double Prong Clip / 12 per Card

VO-223552   CD140-12
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Soft 'N Style Double Prong Clip / 12 per Card. Looking for a reliable and effective curl clip for your salon or spa? Look no further than Soft 'N Style Double Prong Clip! Made with sturdy steel pins, these curl clips come in a pack of 12 and are perfect for creating tight, long-lasting curls.

These clips are designed to hold even the thickest, heaviest hair without slipping or causing damage. Plus, the double prongs ensure a secure hold, so you can trust that your clients' hair will stay in place throughout their treatment.

Not only are these clips functional, but they are also stylish and easy to use. The sleek design and classic silver color make them a great addition to any professional styling kit.

Investing in Soft 'N Style Double Prong Clips means investing in the quality and reputation of your salon or spa. Your clients will love the results they see from these clips and will appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism you bring to each appointment.

Upgrade your styling game with Soft 'N Style Double Prong Clips today!