Spa Pantry Marine Algae Salt / 1 Gallon

Spa Pantry
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Spa Pantry Marine Algae Salt / 1 Gallon. Blend the hydrating power of algae and the softening exfoliation of sea salts with Spa Pantry Marine Algae Salt. These salts contain a perfect harmony of pH balancing minerals. Enough for 40-50 treatments. 128 oz.


Perfect for exfoliating treatments and bath soaks. For a moisturizing, exfoliating aromatherapy treatment, combine salts with massage oil and essential oils. May be used in conjunction with the Vichy shower. Use more oil than salt for sensitive skin types and less oil for a more aggressive exfoliation.


A wonderful blend of algae and sea salts makes this an effective exfoliation treatment product


Sodium Chloride, Trace Minerals, Laminaria Digitata Powder