Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor with Stand by Feather

VO-303980   F125902
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Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor With Stand. An old-fashioned, stainless steel, double edge razor blade with screw-off top. Heft and solid design that is sharp, disposable, and sanitary. A cost-effective replacement for multi-cartridge blades. Includes 5 Hi-Stainless Steel blades.

Here's to the return of traditional wet shaving using modern technology. Feather Double-Edge Razors provide greater control and a closer shave compared with multi-blade cartridge razors. Freely adjustable, platinum coated blades provide more precision. Easy-to-clean blades means your razor won't get clogged and will last longer. The results are an unforgettable and unmatched shaving experience.