Star Nail Client Guard Kit - Sterilization Pouch

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Star Nail Client Guard Kit. (Sterilization Pouch)

Cuccio Naturale is the first complete natural nail line featuring combinations of botanicals, natural fruits, and alpha hydroxy acids to de-age and protect the nails and hands. It includes unique, innovative products such as grapeseed antioxidant oil to protect the skin from environmental insults that accelerate the aging process.

The Natural Nail Client Guard kit is very economical and has the basic requirements for a natural manicure. Even though it is a natural manicure, the concern of nail sanitation and implement sterilization have remained the same.

The kit contains:

- 2 Birchwood Sticks
- 1 Manicure Scrub Brush
- 1 Plastic Sanitizable File
- 1 Sea FizzTM Effervescent
- Manicure Soak Ball