Starpil Pro Roll-On Wax Warmer - Double / Cordless

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Starpil Pro Roll-On Wax Warmer - Double / Cordless. Starpil Double Roll-On The ideal appliance for use with our Roll-On wax cartridges. Durable construction and quality you can count on. For when one Roll-On is not enough. Always have a second Roll-On warm and ready for back to back appointments. Comes with base and power cord for cordless hassle-free waxing.

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for use with Roll-On Wax
  • 2 cordless warmers
  • Red light indicates unit is on
  • Green light indicates wax is ready
  • 110-220 volt standards
  • 1-year warranty
Instructions for Use:
Insert and heat Roll-On cartridge in Starpil Roll-On warmer for 20 minutes. Check that wax has melted to liquid form in roll-on. Remove seal on roll-on cartridge and then Roll-On a removal strip so wax has completely covered roller.

Apply a thin layer on skin (in the direction of hair growth), place hair removal wax strip on surface and pull against direction of hair growth and parallel to the area from which the hair is being removed.

For Use With:
Starpil roll-on wax cartridges

Starpil Roll-On Wax Types:

Starpil Roll-On Wax Warmers:

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