Strapless Disposable Slippers / 120 Pair Bulk Pack Case / Assorted Colors

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Strapless Disposable Slippers / Case / 120 Pair Bulk Pack / Assorted Colors. Strapless Slipper DemoSturdy, durable, water resistant cell foam slippers attach to the soles of the feet with a "skin friendly" adhesive. Strapless design allows for line free tanning and great access for pedicures.

When finished, simply peel away from the bottom of the feet and dispose of the slippers.

Each pair is individually wrapped. Bulk Pack = 120 Pair / Assorted Colors

  • Sunless Tanning: they allow the tanner to receive a sunless tanning application on the tops and sides of their feet while protecting the soles from over spray.
  • Pedicures: Zero chance of your sandal ruining a pedicure since there isn't a strap to get in the way! Once your pedicure is done, just get up and go, no need to wait around!
  • Fitness Center/Health Clubs: Protect your feet from damp, unclean changing rooms and shower areas.
  • Sunbathing/Pool Areas: While tanning pool side, wear them to keep your feet cool when you walk on the hot deck or concrete.
  • Airport Security Checkpoints: Protect yourself from harmful bacteria and germs that linger in public areas.
  • For best results, lotion and oil should be removed from your feet.
  • Feet should be dry, clean and free of debris.
  • Remove adhesive backing from the slipper
  • Place slipper on a firm surface
  • Start from heel, press foot onto Strapless Slipper one foot at a time, slowly rock forward to ensure a proper fit.
  • To remove, simply peel away from the instep then heel to toe.