Swann-Morton Dermaplaning Basics Kit

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Swann-Morton Dermaplaning Basics Kit - Dermaplaning Basics Kit. Equip yourself with the Dermaplaning Basics Kit, meticulously assembled to ensure you're prepared for any dermaplaning scenario. This comprehensive set combines the unmatched quality of Swann-Morton's innovative blade design with the gentle nourishment of ESS Sunflower Oil, creating the ideal toolkit for wet dermaplaning on all skin types.

Unrivaled Precision With Swann-Morton

Swann-Morton's reputation for excellence is evident in each component of this kit. The blades feature a one-of-a-kind design with a smooth razor edge and a micro-serrated edge, ensuring consistent sharpness without the need for a coating. This innovative approach to blade technology means each dermaplaning session is as precise as the last.

Enhanced Safety And Control

  • The Cincinnati Surgical Two-Handed Blade Remover included in the kit adds an extra layer of safety, allowing for the secure disposal of used blades.
  • The Swann-Morton Stainless Steel Dermaplaning Handle, Size 3, is ergonomically designed for stability and ease of use, enhancing the control during each procedure.

Skincare Perfection With Ess Sunflower Oil

Completing the dermaplaning experience, ESS Sunflower Oil provides a lightweight, non-greasy medium, ideal for wet dermaplaning. Its nourishing properties ensure the skin remains moisturized and protected throughout the procedure, benefiting all skin types.

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