Terry Towels 2-1/4" Lbs. / Burgundy - 15" x 25" / 1 Dozen by Soft 'N Style

VO-223727   TOW-8-BU
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Terry Towels 2-1/4" Lbs. / Burgundy - 15" x 25" / 1 Dozen by Soft 'N Style. As a spa/salon professional, you understand the importance of providing your clients with a luxurious and comfortable experience. Soft 'N Style's Terry Towels are the perfect addition to your salon or spa, offering a high-quality and reliable option for all your towel needs. These towels are made with 100% cotton, ensuring maximum absorbency and softness, and weigh in at a substantial 2-1/4 lbs.

Our burgundy towels are not only beautiful but also practical, measuring at 15"" x 25"" in size, making them perfect for a variety of uses, from hair drying to full-body wraps. With a dozen towels in each package, you can be sure to have plenty on hand to meet the demands of your clients.

Soft 'N Style's Terry Towels are not just any ordinary towels, but rather a premium option designed specifically for professionals in the beauty industry. Don't settle for lower quality options that can leave your clients feeling unsatisfied. Upgrade to Soft 'N Style's Terry Towels and provide your clients with the luxurious experience they deserve.