The ESCAPE Vichy Shower by Equipro

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Indulge Your Clients with the ESCAPE Vichy Shower by Equipro - The Ultimate Hydrotherapy Experience. ESCAPE Vichy Shower by Equipro - The Ultimate Hydrotherapy Experience Transform your spa or salon into a sanctuary of relaxation with the ESCAPE Vichy Shower by Equipro. This innovative hydrotherapy solution allows your clients to experience a luxurious, full-body shower while comfortably lying on a wet table, elevating their body treatments to new heights of indulgence. Perfect for use in conjunction with salt scrubs, body masks, or body wraps, the ESCAPE Vichy Shower ensures that your clients can enjoy a seamless and rejuvenating experience without the need to transition to a stand-up shower.

Unrivaled Coverage And Customizability

The ESCAPE Vichy Shower features five adjustable and independent jets, providing your clients with exceptional coverage and a continuous spectrum of sensations - from a gentle, soothing spray to an invigorating, deep-tissue massage. The hand shower head offers additional flexibility, allowing you to provide a tailored, full-body experience that caters to each client's unique preferences.

Ergonomic Design For Enhanced Comfort And Accessibility

Designed with both client and therapist in mind, the ESCAPE Vichy Shower boasts an ergonomic design that ensures optimal comfort during treatments. The adjustable table height ranges from 23" to 38", allowing you to cater to clients of all shapes and sizes while maintaining a comfortable working position. The adjustable spray shield protects therapists from water splashes, ensuring a comfortable and efficient workspace.

Safe And Hygienic Hydrotherapy

The ESCAPE Vichy Shower is equipped with a safe temperature adjustment feature, ensuring that your clients enjoy a consistently warm and comfortable shower experience. The antifungal mattress included with the Vichy Shower provides a hygienic surface for clients, while the water cascades effortlessly over their bodies and channels away on your tiled wet room floor.

Sturdy Base For Long-Lasting Performance

Constructed with a robust base, the ESCAPE Vichy Shower is built to withstand the demands of a busy spa or salon environment, providing you with a reliable and durable hydrotherapy solution that will delight your clients for years to come.

Elevate your body treatments and offer your clients an unparalleled spa experience with the ESCAPE Vichy Shower by Equipro. Embrace the power of hydrotherapy and watch your business thrive as clients return time and time again for this luxurious, indulgent treatment.


  • 5 adjustable and independent jets
  • Hand showerhead
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable table height from 23" to 38"
  • Safe adjustment of the water temperature
  • Antifungal mattress included
  • Adjustable spray shield for the therapist
  • Sturdy base
  • The Equipro Vichy Shower ships in a large crate.