The Liberator Viewbox / 5 over 5 (4 Bulb) by Wolf X-Ray

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The Liberator Viewbox / 5 over 5 (4 Bulb) by Wolf X-Ray. The most unique viewbox ever built. Never lose a film again! Wolf liberator series ingeniously attaches the film grip to the plexiglass to form a perfect film holding assembly that never goes out of alignment. The entire plexiglass panel & grip assembly come off quickly and effortlessly with a simple pull. The Magna-Lock assembly holds the panels in place until you want to get inside. Changing a light bulb or cleaning inside the panel was never this simple. Whether it's installation, service, or operation the Liberator is at the top of the class. Perfect viewbox for use in any medical setting. The Liberator has patented features no other viewbox can offer!

The Liberator is available in four styles. The Liberator Plus is a 4 bulb illuminator, available from a single 14" x 17" viewing area up to 2 tiers of 84" x 17" each. The Hi-Lo version, is available in the same sizes as the standard, features 6 bulbs per 14" x 17" viewing area. Each 14" x 17" area of the Hi-Lo can be dimmed to 4 bulbs at the press of a button. Additionally, the two Liberator styles are available in an "OR" format. The Liberator ORS have internal fuses and are manufactured to a more stringent UL standard (codes UL60601, CAN/CSA C22.2 No.601) which allows them to be used in more sensitive locations, such as ORs.

Any model can be wall mounted in minutes with the E-Z bar, or beautifully recessed in a wall with our recessing kit. Stands are also available for single units.


  • 5-over-5 unit features five-14' x 17" viewing boxes on top of five-14" x 17" viewing boxes
  • Dimensions: 70" x 34"
  • 4 bulbs per 14" x 17" viewing area
  • Unique grip/plexiglass uni-body assembly
  • The film grip is attached to the plexiglass-not the body of the unit
  • Plexiglass viewing area and film retainer lift off for easy interior access
  • Gravity roller grip film retainer
  • Film activated auto switches
  • Cluster switches and a master switch on 2 over 2 units and up
  • Wolf's E-"Z" bar for easy surface wall mounting. Simply mount the bar on the wall and slip the illuminator over it
  • Hospital grade plug


  • Perfect grip tension is factory pre-set and cannot be disturbed during installation
  • Quick and easy access for cleaning, bulb replacement, or auto switch adjustment
  • Reduces installation time/labor
  • Easy to replace damaged units- professional dealer service rep not required!
  • Easy to adjust auto switch
  • Bright, clean illumination

Optional Features:

  • A frame for recessed mounting
  • A mobile stand
  • For recessed illuminator, order the appropriate Recessing Kit