Thera-Band Pro Series Exercise Ball Green 65cm

Thera Band
VW-125093   140 0025
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Thera-Band Pro Series Exercise Ball Green 65cm. Thera-Band Pro-Series Exercise Balls

Thera-Band Standard Exercise Balls are used to strengthen muscles, to improve posture and help prevent back pain. Thera-Band Exercise Balls increase flexibility and coordination, and help develop strength. Each ball is constructed of high-quality vinyl with latitudinal ribs for easier grasping. Colors adjust to different sizes.


  • Burst resistant, slow deflate design
  • Nearly twice the wall thickness of typical standard balls which means more support, comfort, & durability
  • Smooth surface, non-coarse wall design gives more comfort, less abrasion than standard anti-burst exercise ball
  • Superior comfort at the contact points provides improved feel and support compared to standard exercise balls
  • Thera-Band engineering, clinical research and support; unmatched assurance of quality and performance
  • Each measuring tape is color-coded to match the ball size for improved inflation accuracy
  • Supplied with full color poster of 24 exercises for enhanced value and convenience for reference