Thera-Band Soft Weights / Set of 6 / 1 of Each

Thera Band
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Thera-Band Soft Weights / Set of 6 / 1 of Each. Thera-Band Soft Weights were developed for therapists and trainers as a safer alternative to conventional free weights. Soft Weights are designed with a soft cover and pliable filler free of any hard edges or rims, and each of the six sequential weights is 4.5" in diameter. They are used for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training, mobilization and functional grip strength development. The design supports one or two hand activities, is comfortable to hold and fits into any gym bag for remote location workouts.

Available in: 1.1 lbs (tan), 2.2 lbs (yellow), 3.3 lbs (red), 4.4 lbs (green), 5.5 lbs (blue), or 6.6 lbs (black)

Also available in set of all 6 weights.