thermaBliss® Facial Blend Charge Mild Heat - Enhance Facials & Soften Sebum with Soothing Warmth / 36 Count by Spa Revolutions

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thermaBliss® Facial Blend Charge Mild Heat - Enhance Facials & Soften Sebum with Soothing Warmth / 36 Count. Experience the ultimate in facial treatments with thermaBliss® Facial Blend Charge Mild Heat. Designed to enhance your professional spa or salon services, this powerful blend offers a range of benefits that will leave your clients feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and pampered. With a focus on stimulating the skin's natural healing processes and optimizing topical penetration, this blend provides an exceptional alternative to facial steamers. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to a simplified, efficient, and effective solution.

Unlock The Power Of Mild Heat

With a lasting effect of up to 60 minutes, thermaBliss® Facial Blend Charge Mild Heat takes your facial treatments to the next level. By harnessing the natural processes of vasodilation and hydration, this blend creates a gentle and stimulating environment for the skin. Opening pores and promoting optimum topical penetration, it ensures that your clients receive the maximum benefits from their treatments.

Not limited to facial treatments alone, this versatile blend can also be used in body treatments for clients who are sensitive to heat. Expand your service offerings and cater to a wider range of clients, all while maintaining the exceptional quality and professionalism that your establishment is known for.

Benefits And Features:

  • Holds a consistent, low heat for the duration of the treatment
  • Increases tissue temperature, softening sebum and relaxing the skin
  • Enhances facial treatments for optimal results
  • Pairs seamlessly with your current skin care line

Looking to offer a unique experience to your clients? Combine thermaBliss® Facial Blend Charge Mild Heat with its sister blend, Glacial, for a "fire and ice" treatment that will truly wow your clients. The contrast between the two blends creates an invigorating and revitalizing experience, elevating your services to new heights.

Why Choose Thermabliss?

When it comes to providing your clients with exceptional spa or salon experiences, thermaBliss is the name you can trust. Our commitment to innovation and quality shines through in every product we offer. Here's why thermaBliss stands out:

  • No bulky heaters required – thermaBliss charges self-charge to heat, eliminating the need for additional equipment
  • Lightweight compared to regular stones, ensuring ease of use for therapists
  • No clanking sounds like regular stones, creating a more relaxing environment for your clients
  • Non-porous stones and shells make cleaning and sanitization a breeze
  • Charge thermaBliss tools anywhere, anytime – no electricity required
  • Perfect for mobile services, poolside massages, and in-room facials
  • Quickly heat or chill, making them ideal for last-minute bookings

With thermaBliss, you can maximize client touch time and minimize the effort spent on sanitizing and cycling traditional hot stones. Our ergonomic thermaBliss Stones offer a versatile enhancement therapy that allows for various modalities, including trigger point, reflexology (hands and feet), spot therapy (neck and head), and full-body services. Reduce therapist stress, strain, and injury while extending careers with the ergonomic design of thermaBliss Stones. Each stone is uniform in size and thickness, making heat management effortless.

The non-porous surface of thermaBliss Stones ensures super-fast cleaning and sanitization in under 2 minutes, allowing you to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in your spa or salon.

When filled with our patented self-heating technology, thermaBliss Stones provide up to 90 minutes of heat, depending on the selected charge. This means you can deliver the same heat as a full hot stone massage with just two stones, without the need for electricity or additional equipment. Streamline your services and provide your clients with the ultimate relaxation experience.

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