Three Piece Body Cushion by Body Support Systems

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Three Piece Body Cushion by Body Support Systems. The bodyCushion was developed by a massage practitioner to maximize his clients' comfort The bodyCushion has made its way through the healing arts. It is used as a body positioner for soft tissue work, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, acute/post-acute care, rehab, surgery and post-op. It is used for pregnancy relief and massage, vitrectomy/eye surrogates, for the convalescent elderly to prevent bed sores, as an adjunctive tool for pain management, for back problems that are relieved due to unloading effects of positioning, fibromyalgia treatment, relaxation massage, and sun bathing. The bodyCushion is therapeutic, affording decompression of joints and relaxation of muscles. The bodyCushion allows gravity to become a modality, enhancing a variety of treatments and thereby optimizing therapy outcomes.
This system is comprised of Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports. All pieces, including the face support base, are connected with velcro straps. Attachable armRests, Adjusters, and Extenders are available.

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