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Tools & Implements Kit. Save Time with a Kit! No need to search for esthetic tools and implements individually - get a well-rounded collection in one convenient kit. This introductory package features all of the reusable implements needed to support your professional facial services.

The following items are included:

  • (1) Satin Edge Esthetic Kit, which comes with 6 stainless steel implements: comedo extractor, needle nose tweezer, slant tweezer, Schamberg extractor, single ended comedo extractor, and lancet / extractor.
  • (1) Silver Manicure Scissors, 3.5"
  • (1) Face & Body Brush Starter Kit, which comes with 7 brushes.
  • (1) Rubber Mixing Bowl, Small
  • (1) Super Sunnies Protective Eyewear
  • (1) 10-Well Mixing