Trigger Point Therapy Workbook By Clair Davies

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Trigger Point Therapy Workbook By Clair Davies. Trigger Point Therapy Workbook This is the only self-help book designed to help the layperson to treat themselves for painful trigger points with massage. Trigger point therapy is one of the most intriguing and fastest-growing bodywork styles in the world. Medical doctors, chiropractors, and alternative health practitioners are all beginning to use this technique to relieve the pain of individuals suffering from undiagnosable soft tissue pain-a condition that studies have shown to be the cause of nearly 25 percent of all doctor visits. The technique involves applying a gentle, sweeping stroke to trigger points=places in muscle or connective tissue where a lack of oxygen causes swelling. These points are easily located by general readers and create pain throughout the body in predictable patterns characteristic to each muscle, producing discomfort ranging from mild to severe. The stimulation of the point causes an increase in the oxygen level in the area and often produces instant relief.

The first edition of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook has made a huge impact in the use of this dynamic technique. This is the first major revision of the overnight classic=a complete update that includes new information specifically for massage professionals as well as a detailed discussion of progressive muscle relaxation techniques that can reinforce the therapeutic power of trigger point work. 323 pages

    Specific Content:
    Foreword (for the first edition) By David G. Simons. M.D.
  • Chapter 1: A New Life
  • Chapter 2: All About Trigger Points
  • Chapter 3: Massage Guidelines
  • Chapter 4: Head and Neck Team
  • Chapter 5: Shoulder, Upper Back, and Upper Arm Pain
  • Chapter 6: Elbow, Forearm, and Hand Pain
  • Chapter 7: Chest, Abdominal, and Genital Pain
  • Chapter 8: Mid Back, Low Back, and Buttock Pain
  • Chapter 9: Hip, Thigh, and Knee Pain
  • Chapter 10: Lower Leg Ankle and Foot Pain
  • Chapter 11: Clinical Trigger Point Massage Warehouse
  • Chapter 12: Muscle Tension & Chronic Pain
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