Universal II Complete Pack Single Pad Light Therapy

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Universal II Complete Pack Single Pad Light Therapy. Universal II Complete Pack, Single Pad Light Therapy

The Bioremedi Universal II offers the ultimate in versatility. Use on hands, wrists, neck, knees, elbows, lower back, feet etc. Model #HCU-2.

Standard units have:

  • 7 manual settings
  • 7 automatic settings
  • 5 time settings
  • 2 power settings
  • Auto shut off for safety

Standard pads have:
  • 81 Infrared and Red diodes for general applications
  • Optional 81 Infrared and Blue diode pads are available for applications more specifically related to skin
  • 34 joules/minute

  • Manual or automatic mode - 13 user selectable settings or continuous automatic sequencing
  • Programmable crystal controlled self testing micro-processor
  • Accessories - several unique accessories for different areas of the body
  • Programmable timer - preset treatment times from 10-30 minutes
  • Dual wavelength - 100mw infrared (880nm) and 3,000mcd visible red (650-660nm) diodes
  • LCD status display screen
  • Auto off function - powers down after 30 minutes
  • Energy (power) output - standard or boost option
  • Mains power operation
  • 90-240V switching power supply optional for international use
  • EasyTouch buttons - low pressure touch pad operation
  • Modular - easy & reliable connections
  • Securing strap - allows accessories to be held in place during use
  • Carrying case - high quality shock resistant case Pelican case
  • Upgradeable - built in firmware upgrade path for additional settings, wavelengths and accessories when available