Vibrowlash Blue Black Color Cream - Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lash & Brow Tint / 0.67 fl. oz. - 20 mL.

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Vibrowlash Blue Black Color Cream - Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lash & Brow Tint / 0.67 fl. oz. - 20 mL. Dramatically enhance lashes and brows with vibrant ammonia-free color! ViBrowLash Color Cream has a thick, rich formula thats low odor and easy to apply. For professional use only. Made in the USA. Ammonia-free ViBrowLash is a great option for clients who prefer a gentler, low odor color cream. Its vibrant color lasts for 3 weeks, and it contains no nut oils, lanolin, or gluten. Plus its certified vegan and cruelty-free! Vegan Awareness certified. Leaping Bunny certified. Blue Black. Rich color and shine, a very dark midnight blue tone. In most lighting, this color appears more black than blue

Size: 0.67 fl. oz. / 20 mL.

Used to color lashes and brows.

Use Directions:
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  • Blue Black. Rich color and shine, a very dark midnight blue tone. In most lighting, this color appears more black than blue.
  • Vibrant color lasts for 3 weeks
  • Dramatically enhance lashes and brows
  • Vibrant ammonia-free color
  • Thick, rich formula that's low odor and easy to apply
  • For professional use only
  • Made in the USA
  • Free of gluten, lanolin, and nut oils
  • Vegan Awareness certified
  • Leaping Bunny certified


Water/Aqua/Eau, Propanediol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Ceteareth-2, Ceteareth-20, Oleyl Alcohol, Monoethanolamine, P-Phenylenediamine, N, N-Bis (2-Hydroxyethyl)-P-Phenylenediamine Sulfate, Sodium Sulfite, Erythorbic Acid, Disodium EDTA

Pro Tips For Vibrowlash Treatments:

  1. If you are opening a new ViBrowLash product, write the date the product is opened on the outside of the packaging with a Sharpie marker or pen. The product should be disposed of 3 to 6 months from the date written on the product packaging, depending on the product.
  2. Temperature fluctuation can cause settlement of the developer solution, but this has no negative effect on the quality of the product. It is best practice to shake the activator solution prior to use.
  3. The color of the mixture is not the color that the hair will be once it has processed. To get an idea of the final color, leave a wooden applicator in the mixture for the desired time.
  4. Occasionally, you may notice oxidation of the ViBrowLash Color Cream near the cap. If this occurs, squeeze out the oxidized portion of the product and discard it. Using oxidized ViBrowLash Color Cream could cause undesired color results.
  5. You should stay with your client during the time that their eyes are closed to make sure that they are comfortable during the tint processing time.
  6. If the client wears contacts, it is recommended that they remove them prior to the service.
  7. It is not recommended that you perform the ViBrowLash service on a client who has already had a negative reaction to similar products like hair color.
  8. If the client is also booking a facial or eyebrow waxing service, then the client should be waxed after the ViBrowLash service.
  9. If the client is also booking a lash extension and/or brow extension service, then the ViBrowLash service should be administered before the extension service(s).
  10. If the client is also booking a lash lift or perming service, then the client should receive the ViBrowLash service after the lift or perm is administered.
  11. It is recommended that clients wait 2 full weeks after receiving filler or Botox treatments before having the ViBrowLash service administered.
  12. Regarding chemical peels, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturers protocol and suggested aftercare instructions when determining if it is appropriate to administer the ViBrowLash service. For example, if the peel protocol states that the client should wait 24 hours before wetting the face, then the VibrowLash service should not be administered for 24 hours after the peel service.
  13. If a reaction occurs during the patch test, such as intense stinging, irritation, rash, or a burning sensation on the skin, rinse the skin immediately and discontinue use. If client experiences mild respiratory irritation, he or she should seek immediate medical attention, and the client should consult a physician prior to having the service again. If, during the days following the patch test, itching, redness, or spots on the skin occurs, or swelling of the eyes, face, or skin occurs, it is recommended that the client consult a physician.
  14. Give your client a few moments to adjust to the eye pads and ensure the eye protection pads are not so close to the clients eyes that they cause the eyes to water.
  15. The ViBrowLash mixture should be applied in a professional manner, with care and precision. There is no reason for this to be a messy service.
  16. If the ViBrowLash product accidentally gets into the eyes, take your client to an eyewash station and flush eyes with plain water immediately! If you do not have an eyewash station, flush the eye with saline solution, warm water, or eye wash and pat dry. The client should not rub their eyes as it might cause further irritation. If no irritation occurs, you may reapply the product immediately.
  17. If any ViBrowLash product accidentally gets on to the face, remove it as soon as possible with warm soap and water. Do not use ViBrowLash Clean Up directly on the lashes, eyelids, or eye area.
  18. As the product develops, it may expand and migrate beyond the desired area of the eyelashes and onto the lids or eye area. As this occurs, you may wipe the expanded product off the skin using a cotton swab, cotton round, or esthetic wipe. Remove the excess product around the eye area to prevent discoloration or temporary staining of the skin.
  19. After all of the ViBrowLash product has been removed from your clients lashes offer a round cotton pad dampened with water and a dry cotton pad so the client can wipe their eyes for additional comfort.
  20. If you get ViBrowLash Color Cream on your hands while mixing, use a cotton ball dampened with ViBrowLash Clean Up to remove the tint. Wash your hands with soap and water immediately.