Waffle Weave Wrap with Snaps / Natural / 2XL

VU-202458   C669N
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Waffle Weave Wrap with Snaps / Natural / 2XL. This waffle weave spa wrap is made of a 67/33 blend of cotton and polyester that is comfortable and attractive, yet dries quickly and needs no ironing. It features an elasticized top with a 4-snap closure that assures an excellent fit and comfort on every client. Extra large. Natural.

Note: The wraps go from One Size Fits All to a XXL. The sweep of the XXL is 10" larger then the One Size Fits All. If you were to lay down both sizes on top of one another, the elastic top will measure 42" on both while relaxed. However, you can stretch out the XXL 10" more at this area.