Whiter Image - Nano-Bio Activation Whitening Toothpaste / 140 Grams

GC-250207   WI-140
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Whiter Image - Nano-Bio Activation Whitening Toothpaste / 140 Grams. Whiter Image Nano-Bio Activation whitening toothpaste keeps your teeth their whitest and healthiest with proprietary microcleansing foaming action and patented sensitivity protection. Daily use helps to fight cavities, freshen breath, and fight sensitivity.


  • Sodium Fluoride 0.254%: Fights cavities
  • Potassium nitrate 5%: Protects against sensitivity


  • Bio-activated micro-cleansing foaming action lifts surface stains.
  • Nano-grade whiteners work hard to reach spots and gently polish away surface stains.
  • Contains ingredients that help fight tartar, remove plaque, and prevent gingivitis.
  • With regular brushing, Whiter Image whitening toothpaste:
  • Fights Cavities
  • Relieves Sensitivity
  • Freshens Breath