Wood's Lamp by Equipro

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Reveal Hidden Skin Imperfections with Equipro's Wood's Lamp. Wood's Lamp by Equipro Unlock the secrets of your clients' skin with the Wood's Lamp by Equipro, a sophisticated diagnostic tool designed for professionals in the beauty industry. This advanced skin analysis device uses ultraviolet light and a powerful 3X magnifying lens to illuminate underlying skin issues, empowering you to provide targeted, effective treatments and help your clients achieve their best skin possible.

Illuminate The Invisible With Ultraviolet Light

The Wood's Lamp's ultraviolet light technology reveals what the naked eye cannot see, making it an indispensable tool for detecting hidden skin imperfections. By highlighting pigmentation irregularities, dryness, oiliness, and other subtle issues, this device enables you to accurately diagnose skin concerns and create personalized treatment plans for your clients.

Zoom In On Skin Details With 3X Magnification

Equipped with a 3-diopter magnifying lens, the Wood's Lamp provides crystal-clear, detailed views of the skin's surface. This powerful magnification allows you to scrutinize even the smallest imperfections, ensuring that no issue goes unnoticed and that you can address all of your clients' skin concerns with precision and confidence.

Compact Design For Easy Integration

The Wood's Lamp's sleek, compact design makes it an ideal addition to any spa or salon workstation. Its space-saving form factor ensures that it will fit seamlessly into your existing setup, allowing you to incorporate advanced skin analysis technology without sacrificing valuable work area.

Invest In Quality And Reliability With A 1-Year Warranty

Equipro's Wood's Lamp comes with a 1-year warranty, reflecting the manufacturer's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As a wholesale distributor of high-quality products, we are proud to offer this indispensable diagnostic tool to beauty industry professionals seeking the best solutions for their clients.

Empower Your Practice With The Wood's Lamp By Equipro

Enhance your spa or salon services with the Wood's Lamp by Equipro, an essential diagnostic tool for any beauty professional dedicated to providing the highest quality skincare. Don't let your clients' hidden skin issues go undetected invest in the Wood's Lamp today and elevate your practice to new heights.


  • For skin analysis
  • 1 year-warranty
  • Compact model
  • With 3 diopters magnifying lens