CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Oil Treatment / 0.5 oz.

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CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Oil Treatment / 0.5 oz. TO THE RESCUE! CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Oil Treatment, a revolution in nail repair from CND. With daily use of this oil treatment, peeling and white spots are dramatically reduced. RescueRXx is a highly effective new treatment that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. See a difference daily. Ideal for nails with: Splitting, peeling, and white spots. Add $15 to your basic manicure price!

Clinically-Proven Results:

  • Week 1:

    • 80% Noticed Improvement
    • 80% Saw less white spots
  • Week 4:

    • 80% Less peeling
    • 73% Less splitting


    1. Provide a meticulous manicure:
      • remove cuticle
      • refine nails
      • rejuvenate skin
    2. Apply a thin layer of RescueRXx to each nail
    3. Send bottle home with client for 2X daily use for 1-4 weeks*
    4. Schedule a follow up appointment to reassess nails and continue treatment or move on to color service
    *1-4 week treatment depending on condition of nails. Once nails are free of delamination and surface white spots, color services can be offered.

    According to CNDs clinically proven results, 80% of people said white spots were less noticeable and felt the conditions of their nails noticeably improved in just one week. By week four, testing showed a 73% decrease in splitting and an 80% decrease in peeling.

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