CND Shellac Gleam & Glow Collection Meadow Glow #470 / 0.25 fl. oz. - 7.3 mL.

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Embrace the Vivacity of Meadow Glow #470. Step into a world of enduring color with the CND Shellac Gleam & Glow Collection's Meadow Glow #470. This cheerful green polish doesn't just paint nails; it infuses them with the vitality of spring and the tranquility of a meadow in bloom. Crafted for professionals who believe in the fusion of health and beauty, this polish is an invitation to bring the freshness of the outdoors to every manicure.

With two weeks of impeccable wear, Meadow Glow #470 offers a lasting impression of your professional touch, ensuring clients leave with a feel-good mood that persists day after day.

Introducing Gleam & Glow.

This collection draws inspiration from the heartwarming traditions across Eastern cultures, where nights filled with lights and color symbolize a wish for fortune, happiness, and love. Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish, Gleam & Glow is a trend-forward twist on the classics, introducing subtle visual elements like playful iridescence, radiant glitter, and sheer jelly colors.

Lasting Elegance, Uncompromising Quality

Meadow Glow #470 employs advanced adhesion technology to lock in color and shine for up to 14 days. A commitment to durability means your clients enjoy a lasting, vibrant manicure that resists the daily wear and tear of life, keeping their hands the subject of envy and admiration.

Conscious Beauty for the Informed Professional

Our formula is conscientious as it is charismatic. "3-free" means no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP – a vegan-friendly polish that aligns with the ethics of care and compassion. This polish doesn't just look good, it feels good and does good.

Simplified Application, Graceful Removal

The ease of application ensures that the Meadow Glow #470 goes on as a pleasure, not a chore. Removal is just as graceful, ensuring that the natural beauty of the nail remains undisturbed, fostering a cycle of healthy, happy nails.

True to Hue: Authenticity in Every Bottle

While the digital realm may alter perceptions, Meadow Glow #470 is curated to capture the true essence of its vibrant hue. We aim for the closest representation, though screen settings may vary, the quality and authenticity of the color remain steadfast.

Dual Delight: For Service and Retail

As a salon staple, this polish is more than a product; it's a promise of quality, a tool for professionals, and a delight for clients who wish to carry a piece of your expertise with them. Ideal for both services and retail, it's a versatile addition to your offerings.

Product Highlights:

  • Exuberant cheerful green shade with long-lasting shine
  • Formulated with advanced adhesion for up to 14 days of wear
  • Health-conscious "3-free" ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly, embracing ethical beauty standards
  • Flawless application and effortless removal