Cuccio Colour Veneer LED/UV Polish - Mini LED Light - AMAZING VALUE!

KN-666431   663098
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Cuccio Colour Veneer LED/UV Polish - Mini LED Light. Cuccio Veneer introduces the first Mini LED light to sell for under $100. The Cuccio Colour Veneer LED light pairs perfectly with Cuccio Colour Veneer and is guaranteed for at least 5,000 services. Unconditional one year warranty. Timer not included. Mini LED Curing Lamp Professional LED Speed Mini Curing Lamp Cures 5 Fingers In Full LED Mode Designed With LED Technology to Cure All Cuccio™ Colour Veneer Colours, Base and Top Coats. 405nm LED Mode.

IMPORTANT: Remove the blue plastic film on the inside reflector prior to use!