Green Aventurine Gemstone Mani/Pedi Stones - Promotes Balance / 1 lb. by Gemstone Mani-Pedi

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Green Aventurine Gemstone Mani/Pedi Stones - Promotes Balance / 1 lb. Our Green Aventurine Tumbled Manicure/Pedicure Stones help create a unique treatment experience. Too often nail professionals get caught up doing the same thing day in and day out and lose sight of the incredible possibilities that exist to expand their services. Variety keeps clients interested and adding gemstones to your luxury manicure AND pedicure soaks can peform magic for you and your clients.


Simply add the gemstones to cover the bottom of your manicure or pedicure bowls and voila... you have turned the ordinary in to the extraordianry. We offer a wide varierty of Gemstone Mani/Pedi Stones to fit the meta-physical desires of your clients!

About Green Aventurine:
Widely viewed as an all around "luck" stone, Aventurine is more specifically known for stimulating dreaming and helping those who use it find balance and a stronger personal identity. Green Aventurine is particularly revered as a stone that can ease anxiety and calm emotion, perhaps helping to whether stress and worries, helping you to keep a positive outlook.

This is 1 lb of tumbled Green Aventurine, with each measuring approximately 1" in diameter. Exact sizes will vary, as these are natural products. Tumbled stones have a smooth textrure.