L'Fem Duo - Gel Polish 0.5 oz. + Nail Lacquer 0.5 oz. - High-Shine - #023

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Achieve Flawless Nails with L'Fem Duo. Elevate your nail game with the L'Fem Duo, a dynamic combination of soak-off LED | UV gel polish and nail lacquer. Made in the USA, this duo ensures that your nails look uniformly stunning, with a seamless color match that eliminates any mismatch worries. Perfect for professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike, the L'Fem Duo offers the best of both worlds, providing a high-shine, durable finish that lasts.


  • 1 x 0.5oz (15ml) Bottle - Soak-Off LED | UV Gel Polish
  • 1 x 0.5oz (15ml) Bottle - Nail Lacquer

L'Fem Gel Polish

Experience the brilliance of L'Fem Gel Polish, meticulously designed to match perfectly with L'Fem Lacquer and nearly identical to L'Fem Powder. This gel polish cures in just 30 seconds under an LED light, providing a quick and efficient application process. Enjoy a shiny, chip-resistant finish that lasts up to three weeks. The easy-on, easy-off formula ensures that applying and removing the gel polish is a breeze, minimizing damage to your nails.

L'Fem Nail Lacquer

Complementing the gel polish, L'Fem Nail Lacquer delivers an exact color match, ensuring your nails look consistently fabulous. The fast-drying formula offers a high-shine, durable finish that can last up to seven days. Whether you're aiming for a casual look or preparing for a special occasion, L'Fem Nail Lacquer provides the perfect solution with its blend of beauty and resilience.

Why Choose L'Fem Duo?

Choosing the L'Fem Duo means investing in a product that guarantees quality and consistency. Made in the USA, our duo ensures high standards with every bottle. The exact color match between the gel polish and nail lacquer means you no longer have to worry about mismatched shades. This duo is perfect for creating stunning, cohesive looks that last, whether in a professional salon setting or at home.

Enhance Your Nail Routine with L'Fem Duo

Discover the perfect pair for stunning nails with the L'Fem Duo. Order now and experience the ease and elegance of perfectly matched gel polish and nail lacquer.

Important Considerations

While we strive to ensure our product images are as accurate as possible, please note that due to different monitor settings, resolutions, and calibrations, the colors in the photos you see might slightly differ from the actual colors. However, the exceptional quality and beauty of the L'Fem Duo will exceed your expectations, providing you with impeccable nails every time.