OPI GelColor Soak Off Gel Polish - Do You Lilac It? / 0.5 oz.

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OPI GelColor Soak Off Gel Polish - Do You Lilac It? / 0.5 oz. by OPI. OPI GelColor Soak Off Gel Polish - Do You Lilac It? / 0.5 oz. OPI Gelcolor soak off gel polish applies just like traditional nail polish, but gives your clients a super shiny finish that lasts up to two weeks. You can just simply apply the gel like regular and cure it under a UV or LED lamp for the specified period of time.


  • A Proprietary formula exclusive to OPI
  • Easy removal in as fast as 7 minutes
  • 2 weeks of wear
  • Unbeatable Shine
  • Use with new ProHealth Base & Top Coat for healthier looking nails
  • Polymers fuse together forming a tougher structure
  • High-gloss shine that lasts for weeks
  • 30 second cure(with LED Light)
  • Non-damaging application and removal.

    How to Apply OPI GelColor:
    The application process for any gel nail polish is similar to that of standard nail polish, but it requires certain products that are compatible with the gel polish. Applying OPI GelColor requires a special base coat, color, top coat, and curing light.

    Nail Preparation:

    In order for OPI GelColor to properly adhere to the nail, the user must prepare the nail for application. For this particular polish, this means cleansing and dehydrating the nails thoroughly before polishing. Some people choose to use an OPI bonding agent as well for extra adherence. If using a buffer to smooth the nail surface, users must also be careful to wipe all nail dust from the nail bed before proceeding. Finally, it is necessary to clean the surface of the nail using an alcohol wipe, which serves to dehydrate the nail and help the gel polish last.

    OPI GelColor Application:

    For proper application, users should apply the OPI GelColor base coat to the nails and then cure the base coat under an LED light. The curing should take approximately 30 seconds. The color layer goes on top of the cured base coat and should cure for 30 seconds under the LED light. Finally, users must apply the GelColor top coat and once again cure the nails under the LED light for 30 seconds. During application, users should apply both the base coat and top coat to the free edge of the nail in order to seal the manicure.

    OPI GelColor Removal:

    Removal of OPI GelColor is more time consuming than standard polish because the color is sealed so securely to the nail. To remove GelColor at home, users may soak a cotton ball in acetone and then apply it to the surface of the nail. Wrapping a piece of aluminum foil around the cotton ball holds it in place for the required time. After approximately 10 minutes, users can check and see if the polish has soaked off sufficiently. If not, it may be necessary to leave the acetone on the nail surface for a few more minutes, checking the progress periodically.

    Why choose OPI Gelcolor?

    OPI Gelcolor is produced by the largest manufacturer of nail products in the world. OPI's Gelcolor will last for 2 weeks and is made specifically to fight the normal wear and tear from daily activities. Their formula does not damage the natural nails and will help keep your nails strong and healthy.