Portable UV/LED Lamp / 48 Watts by Ikonna

GW-690155   LED48R
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Portable UV/LED Lamp / 48 Watts by Ikonna. This rechargeable UV/LED Nail Lamp is versatile enough to use for both hands and feet. With long-lasting battery power, you won't need to worry about unsightly cords any longer! Features both an on/off sensor mode, as well as manual on/off, and 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec timers, this lamp can be used for a variety of nail services!


  • 48 watts
  • 24 UV/LED bulbs
  • ETL certified power adapter
  • 15s/30s/60s/90s Timer
  • Sensor or Manual on/off
  • Replacement battery and power adapter available for purchase
  • One year warranty
  • LED Wavelength: 365nm and 405nm.