SnowBlock - White Manicure Buffer Block / 1000 Case by DHS Products

LE-777629   10112-cs
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SnowBlock - White Manicure Buffer Block / 1000 Case. SnowBlock is a four sided buffer that is guaranteed to stay white and is the ideal grooming tool for acrylic nails. Use before applying nail polish or nail treatments.

Product Features:

  • Gentle On Nails
  • Smoothes Out Rough Areas
  • Perfect for General Manicure Purposes
  • Guaranteed Not To Yellow
  • 150 grit
Dont get stuck with an inventory of ugly, yellowing buffing blocks that embarrass nail technicians. The nail professional clients trust the SnowBlock for safe, sanitary-looking tools. Youll never be disappointed with the SnowBlock buffer.

With superior quality and durable grit, the easy-to-grip SnowBlock buffer will stay bright white. We guarantee it!