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Aromatherapy Combined with Color Therapy: Roots Candles - Seeking Balance Line

Introduce aromatherapy combined with color therapy to your clients to decrease stress and provide an atmosphere that addresses their specific needs. The Seeking Balance line by Root Candles are made...

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Calgon's Got Nothing On Us...Bath Salts & Soaks Oh My!

I can't help but think of the old Calgon "take me away" commercials when I hear people talk about taking a bath to relieve stress or get away from it...

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Burn Baby Burn---Tips For Massage Therapist To Avoid Burnout

Every massage therapist I know, myself included, has experienced massage burnout on some level. Whether taking too many clients during the day/week or just not ever taking time off for...

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The Need for Speed!… And the 30-minute Spa Treatment!

As a born and raised New Yorker, I can understand the stereotype that (some, not all) New Yorkers are rude and ill-mannered. In our defense, I believe the major reason...

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