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A Burning Question - Are You In Need of New Spa Scents?

A Burning Question - Are You In Need of New Spa Scents?

Then look no further! Guess what just arrived here at Pure Spa Direct? A plethora of incense in amazing different scents just in time for the holidays! Incense is known to help reduce stress, and instantly promote balance and a sense of well being. Whether you want to switch up the scents in your spa, or bring in a new retail item for your clients, we have everything you need. We just got in over 20 delicious scents such as festive cinnamon, honeysuckle, and even dragon's blood to cater to all of your clients! Be sure to check out all the new scents here!

I know all of these different scents can be overwhelming - you probably want to try them all! Not sure what to do with all these scents? Don't worry, we have ALL of the accessories to burn them in, too. Whether it's an incense stick holder, or an entire tower burner, we have you covered. Your clients will love these, because who doesn't like to burn incense? They make great gifts as well, so you might want to stock up right before the holiday rush begins. You can browse all of the new incense burners here, but check out some of my favorite holders below:

Tibetan Elephant Ash Catcher

So cute, right? Elephants are know for their good luck. This gentle giant will look adorable on your retail counter right next to your new scents!

Buddha - Incense Stick Holder + Ash Catcher

You can't really burn incense without having a happy Buddha statue nearby, am I right? I love the details on this incense stick holder. I'm sure you'll be selling these fast!

Flower Tower Incense Burner

This wood incense tower has beautiful metal flowers on the side that your clients will love! The best part about it? This burner can accommodate a cone and / or up to four incense sticks making it ideal for your clients who can't get enough scents!



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