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April 18, 2024
The Birgit 4-Motor Treatment Table - Where Versatility Meets Heavy-Duty Bliss!

Transform your treatment area into a haven of luxury and versatility with the furniture; it's a game-changer for spas, medical spas, and more!Imagine the possibilities as you effortlessly perform a...

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HaloSTAR™ Salt Cabin: Your Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Soul

When it comes to creating an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, the Halotherapy product lineup seamlessly blends high-end design and state-of-the-art Halogenerator technology. The result? An exquisite sanctuary that beckons...

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Oakworks Marina™ Wet Table: Where Heat Meets Heavenly Relaxation!

Experience the future of spa and wellness treatments with the Oakworks Marina Wet Treatment Lift Table Package. Say goodbye to traditional wet tables and welcome the Marina™, a revolutionary creation...

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Halo FX Mobile™: Your Portable Passport to Spa Serenity!

Calling all spa, salon, and wellness aficionados! Get ready to take your treatments to the next level with the Halo FX Mobile™ - the ultimate dry salt massage, facial, or...

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Gearing Up for Gorgeous: Dive into Luxury with Meishida's 10-in-1 Wonder!

Calling all beauty professionals, get ready to unlock a world of possibilities without compromising precious space! The Meishida 10-in-1 Facial Machine is your compact gateway to a spectrum of skincare...

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Rein In Showers Of Happy Clients - WaterWerks Typhoon Vichy Shower!

We've been talking with many clients looking to expand their services without breaking the bank. One of the hottest products we've seen major growth in over the last year, are...

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LED Treatments: Trending for 2022!

Just in time to end the year strong, use up end of quarter budgets and have your clients looking their best heading into 2023 - the Multiwave LED Light Therapy...

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Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz - Oh, What A Relief It Is....For Your Feet, That Is!

Mint & Eucalyptus Anti-Bacterial Bath Fizz Tablets by Foot Spa pack a powerful punch for you and your clients! Developed to detoxify, soften, and moisturize feet before a pedicure, the...

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Super Hero Sight With A Woods Lamp

Detect and diagnose problematic areas of the skin for clients using a woods lamp to show them how you will expertly address each of their conditions or concerns. Easy to...

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