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LED Treatments: Trending for 2022!

LED Treatments: Trending for 2022!

Just in time to end the year strong, use up end of quarter budgets and have your clients looking their best heading into 2023 - the Multiwave LED Light Therapy by Meishida is on sale and can be financed!

With LED treatments in 7 wavelengths, you'll be able to address a variety of client concerns and build this into dynamic packages!

Utilizing photon dynamic technology (uses active cold lights) that helps in producing collagen protein, anti aging, skin repairs and much more, this unit features 218 bright LED lights at 150mw each!

7 LED Colors / Treatment:

  • Red: 640nm (+/-10) helps in anti aging treatment /skin tightening/wrinkle removal/fine lines lifting/toning/ improve metabolism/increase collagen
  • Blue: 470nm (+/-10) treats acne /oily pores/promotes protein and compounding in bones
  • Purple: 420nm (+/-10) Combination of RED & BLUE light for treating acne scars.Combines benefits of both red and blue light
  • Yellow: 590nm (+/-10) Energizes skin cells/cures skin imperfections/enhances immunity
  • Green: 525nm (+/-10) Skin neutralization/balancing/calming/eliminating edema
  • Orange: 590nm (+/-10) Accelerates metabolism
  • White: 640nm (+/-10) Penetrates deep into the skin to improve fine lines & flabby skin
  • Includes TWO Small hand held HANDLES for treating fine lines and wrinkles in face and smaller areas

What a better way to celebrate than with having your cash flow positive! Start your application here today!



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