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Oakworks Marina™ Wet Table: Where Heat Meets Heavenly Relaxation!

Oakworks Marina™ Wet Table: Where Heat Meets Heavenly Relaxation!

Experience the future of spa and wellness treatments with the Oakworks Marina Wet Treatment Lift Table Package. Say goodbye to traditional wet tables and welcome the Marina™, a revolutionary creation that will transform the way you think about spa therapy.

Marina™ is not just any wet table; it's the market's first heatable wet/dry table, offering the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Its proprietary soft top features an innovative warming component in the torso section, ensuring your clients experience unparalleled comfort during their treatments. Oakworks famed durability ensures that your investment will last for years to come.

But Marina™ isn't just about comfort—it's also about versatility. With a unique recessed section that supports both wet and dry heated treatments, you have the freedom to use a variety of heating mediums, including Fomentek™ bags filled with warm water or other heatable packs. Plus, Marina's™ wet-room safe, battery-powered electric lifting column provides hours of smooth, strong lifting capacity, making it a breeze to adjust the table to your preferred height.

Oakworks, understands the demands of wet treatments, which is why they've designed the Marina Wet Table with AquaTouch™ Upholstery. This incredibly durable yet supple fabric is resistant to salt scrubs and muds typically used in wet treatments. With a range of beautiful wood accents and a powder-coated steel base, the Marina™ not only offers functionality but also sophistication that complements any wet room.

If you're looking for a water collection system that's effective, ergonomic, and easy to clean, the Marina Wet Table also offers an optional Aqueduct™ water collection system. This system ensures the efficient collection of water, mud, and scrubs, directing overflow to the floor drain and providing excellent ergonomic positioning for therapists. It's also safer and more comfortable for clients to get on and off the table compared to any other water collection system on the market.

We understands that investing in quality equipment is essential for your spa or wellness center. That's why we offer financing options for the Marina Wet Treatment Lift Table Package. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your spa experience with the Marina™. Upgrade your wet treatment capabilities and provide your clients with the utmost comfort and relaxation. Transform your spa into a haven of luxury and rejuvenation with Oakworks.



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