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Gearing Up for Gorgeous: Dive into Luxury with Meishida's 10-in-1 Wonder!

Gearing Up for Gorgeous: Dive into Luxury with Meishida's 10-in-1 Wonder!

Calling all beauty professionals, get ready to unlock a world of possibilities without compromising precious space! The Meishida 10-in-1 Facial Machine is your compact gateway to a spectrum of skincare services that will elevate your game and boost your profitability!

Tight on space but high on ambitions? The Meishida Multi-Function Facial Machine is a space-saving wizard, combining an array of skincare technologies into one sleek powerhouse. Imagine offering a range of treatments without needing to dedicate vast areas – it's like having a spa, a clinic, and a beauty haven all in one!

As a savvy beauty entrepreneur, you know that offering diverse services is the key to keeping your clients excited and coming back for more. With the Meishida machine, you're not just investing in a device – you're investing in a profitable future. From deep pore cleansing to product absorption enhancement, from acne-fighting high frequency to skin analysis with the woods lamp, your service menu will be the talk of the town. Clients will relish the variety, and you'll enjoy the revenue boost!


  • Vacuum- Allows a deep cleansing of the skin, brings skins impurities to the surface, aiding in easy extractions. Includes a 3 piece vacuum set.
  • Spray - Cools and Soothes the skin. Aiding in absorption into the dermis.
  • High Frequency - Stimulates circulation of the blood, increases glandular activity, aids in elimination and absorption, increase metabolism, germicidal action, generates heat inside the tissue and aids in deeper penetration of products into the skin. Red gas only, no violet.
  • Facial Brush - Rotating brushing system, includes a variety of attachments for different purposes. Lightweight for easy to handle, quiet and convenient for shaft hook-up to allow easy access. Included 5 heads: 3 Brushes, 2 Sponges.
  • Galvanic - applies the principle of negative and positive current pulling. Cooperating with nutritional solution of anion and Cat-ion to introduce nutrition into skin and harmonize skin degree of acid and alkali. And also to accelerate blood circulation.
  • Magnifying Lamp- Magnifying lamp consists of optical lens and soft light of cold lamp tube. It can make observation cleaner, so acne and dark spots are more easily to be found. It is very suitable treatments and skin analysis.
  • Woods Lamp - The Wood's lamp uses deep violet rays to expose skin conditions that normally are not visible to the naked eye. Different skin conditions show up in varied shades of violet. Examples: Dehydrated skin shows up as light violet, while hydrated skin is bright fluorescent violet
  • Facial Ozone Steamer- Moistens and cleanses skin. Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. Comes with an adjustable extension arm that will allow a broader facial steam. Unit Includes a timer, and Alarm Settings.
  • Hot Towel Cabi - Great for warming towels and keeping your clients comfortable during facials. Holds 10-12 washcloths.
  • Tool Basins - convenient and easy storage of your implements and tools

Say goodbye to the days of compromising between space and services. With the Meishida Multi-Function Facial Machine, you're stepping into a realm of possibilities. Expand your horizons, grow your revenue, and create a beauty destination that clients will adore. Embrace the future of skincare innovation and watch your salon thrive like never before!



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