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FREE Online Education by Matrix

FREE Online Education by Matrix

In February of this year, Matrix released COLORINSIDER, their revolutionary, oil-based professional hair coloring system. This is a huge development for the beauty industry because this product has been formulated to deliver color to the hair's core, all while offering unprecedented hair protection and nourishment.

Now, Matrix is offering free online education for their COLORINSIDER line of products. The first webinar posted on April 1st and is available for viewing to all who register, which can be done by clicking HERE. See below for the list of all tutorials and dates:

  1. Available Now: "Rock Your Reds" with Chrystofer Benson.
  2. May 13: Rubios y Castanos hermosos en espanol con Robert Santan (Solo en Espanol).
  3. June 10: "A-List Blondes" with Nick Stenson.
  4. July 8: "Real Life to Red Carpet" with Steve Waldman.
  5. August 5: "Advancing with COLORINSIDER" with Lenny Strand
  6. September 16: "Color Makeovers From the Heart" with Sandra Smith.

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