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Nail Artists... You DESERVE Artisan Grand Master Brushes!

Nail Artists... You DESERVE Artisan Grand Master Brushes!

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that translates to:

“If the axe is not sharp, it doesn’t matter how hard the wood is.”

The point of the proverb is that you need the right tool for the job... regardless of what that job is. Great tools help create great work, bad tools...not so much. Nail Artists are no exception.

That is why I was excited by this exceptional collection of high quality nail brushes that will ensure you have the right tool AND look darn good while doing your craft... Artisan Grand Master Brushes.

They are Pure Kolinsky brushes designed specifically for both the discerning nail artist and nail competitor. They increase the accuracy and precision of your work and add style with Diamond engraved detailing on the cap and handle.

Step up your game and show your clients that you are a true artist worthy of the finest tools!

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