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Glacial Facials

Glacial Facials

Start offering "Glacial Facials" today!

Have you tried Alaska Glacial Mud? This phenomenal brand will you leave blown away!

Purify your client's skin with pure, mineral-rich glacier derived mud, hand-scooped from the Copper River Delta in Alaska. The 60-plus trace elements promote healthy skin cell regeneration. Products exfoliate, soften, and nourish the skin.

Gentle and balanced for all skin types! Formulated for the face, suitable for the hands, body, and feet.

Interested? You can start small! I suggest these awesome retail options. That way you can add them into your treatments, and retail them.

Your options are:

Pro Tip: Are you offering back facials? Incorporating this mask into your "bacial" will leave clients saying "buh-bye" to bacne and "hello" to great skin!



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