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Tea Tree Wax

Tea Tree Wax

Tea tree oil has been used to treat various skin conditions for many years and is known to soothe sunburn and other burns, making it the perfect companion for waxing products.

Harley Tea Tree Strip Wax incorporates the trusted benefits of healing tea tree oil with the perfect balance
of refined resins and titanium dioxide to create something truly special.

Tea Tree Strip Wax for the cases where the skin is dehydrated, dry, and sensitive. Ideal for the larger wax area such as the legs, back, chest, and arms. A very low melting temperature and high-quality ingredients ensure a more comfortable treatment experience and a silky smooth result.

Now, with the added anti-inflammatory benefits of tea tree oil, the risk of skin irritation is reduced even more. The gentle anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree Oil make this wax even softer on your skin.



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