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The Best Dust Collector!

The Best Dust Collector!

A common request we have is a high-quality dust collector for acrylic nails. With acrylics currently trending, nail salons and spas are looking for a real solution. We do have an assortment of dust/debris collectors, however, for best results look no further than the Sunflower II.

It is a built-in HEPA-Quality filter system that cleans the air with Activated Carbon Technology, the most modern and effective means of eliminating chemical odors from any source.

The cyclone system sucks in air pollutants, from basic vapors to UV-Gel Dust, as well as finely-ground nail powders. It sucks these pollutants in from above, rather than pulling whatever pollutants fall underneath the nails, making it extremely effective.

The Sunflower unit takes up very little space, is portable, and easy to clean and maintain!

The Portable Sunflower II Stand is available to purchase separately. Its convenient stand turns your Sunflower II Lamp into a PORTABLE Sunflower II Lamp - use your Sunflower anywhere in your salon!

Special Features:

  • Removes finely-ground nail dust
  • Removes UV-Gel Dust
  • A built-in HEPA- Quality filter system
  • Removes acrylic and other air pollutants
  • Activated Carbon Technology that eliminates chemical odors
  • Built-in bright light
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Ultra-portable & easy to maintain

Replacement Filters for Sunflower II

The filter for Sunflower 2 is composed of 3 layer filters to maximize the cleaning power!

  1. Outermost: regular dust filter
  2. Middle: carbon filter to absorb the smelly order
  3. Innermost: regular dust filter
Remember to change the filters regularly to maximize your Sunflower's full potential.



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