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When We Need Them Most...Disposable Mini Buffing Blocks

When We Need Them Most...Disposable Mini Buffing Blocks

More than anything in the world, I want to be able to suggest things that are not Coronavirus-related when I am talking with my clients. But we aren't there I found something that lots of clients need anyway, and if you weren't already using them, now is a FANTASTIC time to start!

For all our nail clients out there - MINI BUFFING BLOCKS. You won't feel so bad throwing away these cute tiny little squares, and you will be able to keep your clients healthy and avoid any cross-contamination.

We always talked about this, because this is not a strictly COVID-19 thing....but it is a timely time to remind you. Nail implements that cannot be fully sterilized between clients should be disposable, and mini buffing blocks are perfect for this!

We have a huge selection, but my favorites are these super economical ones, available in orange, white, or purple, in convenient 300 packs OR mega cases of 1,782. You probably want to stock up - I think everyone will be coming in for a pedicure soon...I know I am DYING for one!



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