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Mix it Up a Bit and Have FUN With Fall Nail Colors!

Mix it Up a Bit and Have FUN With Fall Nail Colors!

Okay, let's be realistic....Mondays can be a drag.

But let's crush that "2:30 feeling" and pep things up, shall we?

When seasons change, so do we. For Spring, we like to brighten up with pastel nails and pretty pink blush, and bring out those bleach blonde streaks paired with a sexy French manicure for Summer. Those seasons are great times to shine, and so are Fall and Winter! So get out your pens, take down notes, and get ready to look hot when the temperatures cool down.

My favorite season is Fall: apple picking, carving pumpkins, breathtaking's a beautiful time of year! Think of those foliage colors: reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and browns. You bring those colors out with your clothes, so why not bring them out with your nails, too? I have some very pretty nail color suggestions for Fall.

If you're looking for something:

Red or Pink:

- Essie® Clutch Me If You Can

- Essie® Be Right Bag

- Gelish Color Coat in Tutti Frutti

Purple or Grey:

- CND Shellac in Rock Royalty

- Essie® Loophole

- Essie® Sexy Divide

Brown or Beige:

- Essie® Antique Rose

- CND Colour in Desert Suede

- CND Colour in Raisin In The Sun

Orange or Yellow:

- CND Colour in Copper Chrome

- Essie® Chubby Cheeks

- Essie® Bags to Riches

Fun and Funky:

- Essie® Sew Psyched

- Gelish Color Coat in Jet Set

- CND Colour in Asphalt

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and it's a great time to show off your fun nails (and your fabulous fall fashion knowledge!).



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