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Beauty and The Bubbly! - Stand Out From The Competition!

Beauty and The Bubbly! - Stand Out From The Competition!

Offering complimentary drinks with your salon and spa services has been something that high end hair salons and spas have been doing for quite some time now. More recently, nail salons have started picking up this idea too and it definitely has shown success in increased clientele, as well as repeat business!

Serving drinks like champagne, wine or mixed drinks is a great perk for your clients and will have you standing out among your competition! This is also great for spa parties as well, you can offer fun drinks to compliment a specific service.

Here are some cool ideas to try!:

Offer Pomegranate Martinis with a Pomegrante Pedicure
Pedi Scrub Gel Pomegranate / 1 Gallon by Spa Redi
CUCCIO NATURALE Pomegranate Fig Pedicure Sea Salts 64 oz.
CUCCIO NATURALE Pomegranate Fig Manicure/Pedicure Soak / 24 Count
Pedi Creme Mask Pomegranate / 1 Gallon by Spa Redi

Serve up a glass of champagne with the Keyano Champagne and Rose Products
Keyano Champagne Products

Keep your champagne and beverages chilled with a Bamboo Ice Housing Unit! They come in 3 different sized for any of your needs:
Bamboo Ice Housing

Another great idea to boost business during slower hours - Offer "Happy Hour Specials" like mini facials and pedicures at a discount, and include a complimentary drink as an added bonus! You will drive more business and create more revenue for your business, while making your clients happy!

Be cautious serving alcohol - it is a good idea to make it a policy to only offer one drink during their service for a more relaxing time - not a drink fest! Before adding drinks to your offerings, be sure to check local liquor laws and ensure you have the proper licensing in place, too.

I know I love this idea that salons and spas have been offering, and this will have your clients coming back to you for all of their services!



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