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Mask Spotlight: Sheep Placenta & Embryo Extract

Mask Spotlight: Sheep Placenta & Embryo Extract

I know what you might be thinking, but before you say no you might want to consider trying this mask!

Sheep Placenta & Embryo Extract Anti-Wrinkle Soft Mask / 4.4 Lbs. Bulk Pack by Endear Skin Care Solutions

Uses: Wrinkle smoothing complexion brightening treatment

Packed with nutrients to rejuvenate the skin, this mask effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The skin soaks up the powerful nutrients to regenerate new skin cells, promote collagen production, and increases elasticity. It also protects the longevity of skin cells, combats chronological aging, and preserves skin’s youthful look and vitality.


Corn Starch, Kaolin, Sodium Alginate, Sheep Placenta and Embryo Extracts, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Solum Diatomene, Resorcinol, Arabinogalactan, CoQ10, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein.

Endear Skin Care is famous for its affordable, advanced skincare treatments of clinical quality. All of our products are carefully chosen for their ultra-high potency, pure, natural ingredients, and active healing botanical essences. Each product is formulated to achieve optimum results and is thoroughly tested and researched by skincare professionals with decades of experience and knowledge. Endear offers specialized treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin.



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