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Go MEGA and Save!

Go MEGA and Save!

Here at Pure Spa Direct, we recognize that when it comes down to it, our clients are looking for the best deal possible. During these hard economic times, everyone is cutting back and trying to get the biggest bang for every buck we spend. With this in mind, Pure Spa Direct is now offering many supplies that spas and salons use on a daily basis in MEGA packs for BIG value.

Products you use every day are available in MEGA packs - including pedicure slippers, wax sticks, and buffing blocks. Other essentials like cotton pads, esthetic wipes, paraffin liners, and pellon rolls and strips are also available. By buying in bulk, you can easily rack up savings on items you use on a daily basis - without compromising on quality!

Click here to see all the products you can save on by purchasing MEGA packs:



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