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Lisap: Professional Hair Care and Color Solutions
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Lisap: Professional Hair Care and Color Solutions

Lisap is a name that resonates with professional hairstylists worldwide, and for a good reason. This brand, steeped in over 70 years of innovation and passion, offers a comprehensive range of hair care and color solutions designed to meet the high standards of salon professionals. From vibrant hair colors to nourishing treatments, Lisap has it all.

Lisap's hair color products, such as the LK OPC Permanent Color and Light Scale Color, are celebrated for their high performance and innovative formulations. These products ensure vibrant, long-lasting color while protecting the hair's integrity. The ammonia-free options, like the Absolute 3 line, provide a gentler coloring experience without compromising on results.

Beyond color, Lisap's care products are designed to maintain and enhance the beauty of colored and treated hair. The Top Care Repair line features shampoos and conditioners enriched with ceramides and natural extracts to nourish and protect hair. The Keraplant Nature series offers targeted solutions for various scalp and hair issues, using botanical ingredients to promote a healthy scalp environment.

For stylists looking to provide comprehensive care, Lisap's range also includes finishing products like the Lisynet One Natural Hold Hairspray and Sculture Gel. These products ensure that every style not only looks great but lasts throughout the day.

Lisap's commitment to innovation and quality makes it a trusted choice for professionals. Explore our full range of Lisap products and discover how you can elevate your hair care and coloring services to new heights.



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